Are all your rugs handmade?
Yes, we sell only handmade rugs.

Are all your rugs vintage or antique?
We mainly sell vintage rugs, we also have contemporary handmade rugs, you will find information on the age of the carpet in the description.

Why are some of the rugs "crooked" or not straight?
All our carpets are 100% handmade and may not be perfectly rectangular or evenly straight due to being handmade.

Are the rugs clean?
All rugs are washed, vintage rugs may show signs of age and tear. All major wear such as small holes, tears, etc will be restore before we send you the rugs. Abrash (fading colors) fading, missing tassels... are common and will not be repaired. 

Are the colors real?
Yes, colors are real, please remember that depending on the placement of your rug and the lighting sources of the room it's in, it may appear slightly different than the pictures on our website. We photograph the rugs indoors in good, soft natural light and do not enhance the stock photos of the rug.
The brightness level of the screen you are viewing the rug listings on can significantly change how bright the rug is appearing to you. 

Do you email additional images in case a client asks for it?
Yes, we can send detailed images as well as any information the client requires.

Do you ship internationally? 
Yes, we ship worldwide.
How quickly will I receive my rug?
All shipments will be sent within 3-5 business days of your order.

Do you accept returns?
If for any reason you change your mind about your purchase, returns can be made up to 14 days after date of purchas, as refund you will receive an instore credit to spend on our shop.

CONTACT US: Email us at rugs.experience@gmail.com. We reply to inquiries within 48 hours