How to Clean Handmade Rugs: some useful advices

Why is it important to write about how to clean handmade Persian rugs and how to clean handmade wool rug? A wool rug represents an investment and you are surely proud of it. A wool rug makes your home more beautiful and comfortable, but it is important to clean it often and in the right way. It is not simple, but with our advices you will know how to clean your handmade rug and keep it aesthetically pleasing and matching well with your house’s design. You can clean your rug both at home and with the help of professional cleaners that can restore it to its optimum condition.

How to clean handmade Persian rugs

Depending on the thickness of the wool, the fibers can make more dust and grime and a regular maintenance of the rug can keep its sharpness and increase lifespan. The ideal frequency is the one which prevents the dirt from accumulating into the fibers and so a handmade wool rug must be cleaned one or twice every month. The duration varies based on several factors:

-    number of footfalls;

-    location of the handmade Persian rug;

-    presence or not of pets

-    carefulness of the maintenance.

To maintain the beauty of the rug you need to clean it both at home and by professionals at least once every year.

How to clean handmade wool rug: daily maintenance at home

A professional wool rug cleaning is costly, while cleaning it at home is unexpansive and not too difficult. How can you clean your wool rug at home? The first thing to do is vacuuming it, cause this task doesn’t alternate or damage the fibers.  You have to do this operation twice a month, but pay attention to over-vacuuming that can pull the natural wool fibers out of the rug.

Then you have to take your rug outside and shake it for 30 seconds or a minute to let the dirt come out like a charm.

You can also leave the rug outside for a few hours. Finally, you can give it an old fashioned beating, an alternative method to the vacuum and one of the most appreciated by homemakers. In order to do this operation, you can use a laundry line and beat the rug with a beater or a wooden spoon.

An idea is to use a snow dusting to improve the appearance of your handmade wool rug: this technique is used in Russia when, after a heavy snowfall, Russian takes their wool persian rugs to the park to clean them with the snow.

The last advice is to rotate your rug every six months to prevent discoloration and excessive dirt in one point.

How to clean stains

Every stain must be cleaned immediately or after a maximum of 15 minutes. We can categorize different type of dirt stains:

-    Food and cosmetics: these stains can be cleaned with a solution made of 8 parts water and 1 part of white vinegar plus a dish washing detergent.

-    Red wine, dark fruit and vegetable juice: you have to put salt over the area and it will absorb the liquid like a sponge;

-    Pet messes and perfume: in this case you can use the vinegar solution mentioned above or an ammonia solution;

-    Paint, oil and greases: you can remove the stain with a removal or a dry cleaning solvent.

When to clean you handmade rugs with professional cleaning

In many cases you need to choose a professional cleaning for your handmade Persian rug, no matter how many YouTube videos can exist on how to clean handmade wool rug. If vacuuming and stain cleaning at home is one thing, trying to deep clean the rug by your own is a huge mistake. The reason is that, even if you clean your rug every month, at least every 1-2 years, it need a deep cleaning, more efficient but also more expensive of that done at home.

A professional cleaner can give new life to your handmade wool rug and you can continue to be proud of its beauty for a long time.

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